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Acs Journal Publishing Agreement User Guide

Manuscripts submitted to JACS should be written in a style that is aimed at a wider audience than for articles created for more specialized journals. Authors should present their materials with the utmost brevity and clarity. Articles exceeding the standard of 8 to 10 pages of magazines and communications exceeding 2200 words often contain a degree of detail that is not suitable for a wide audience. Author`s work. All related works envisaged for publication in any media must be cited in the manuscript and the publisher must be informed at the time of submission. If the related works of one of the authors are not available because they are available in the press (accepted), presented or in preparation for submission to JACS or another magazine, a copy of each related document should be uploaded at the time of presentation as „Supporting Information for Review Only“. If a cited reference has already been published on the web, indicate that it will be published electronically („ASAP“ for ACS magazines) and indicate the DOI number for convenient access. Whenever possible, the complete mapping of the review should be completed when the page is revised or corrected. ACS provides opportunities for authors to meet the conditions for open access and storage in repositories for funded research. Visit our ACS Open Science website to find out how to meet the needs of certain funders and to find out if you have the right to publish under a loan + publish agreement between ACS and your institution. You can also learn more about open access compliance and ACS Open Science initiatives. The effect of your searches is not limited to what you can express in words. Tables and illustrations such as charts, photos, illustrations, diagrams, and other visuals can play an important role in effectively communicating your results.

Our character service generates publishable numbers according to the specifications of your selected magazine. These include changes to file type, resolution, color space, font, scale, line thickness, and layout (to improve readability and professional appearance). Deductions of articles, periodicals and acroissance can be ordered. The most suitable articles for publication in JACS are those that deal with a phase of „pure“ chemistry different from „applied“ chemistry, but not all manuscripts describing well-executed work can be accepted. Articles of high scientific quality, originality, importance and conceptual novelty that are of interest to the wide and diverse contemporary readership of JACS are privileged for publication. Methodological articles should contain one or more applications of general interest and, unless further significant progress is announced, they should be rejected by the recommendation on the transmission of manuscripts to academic journals. Work that draw conclusions from the processing of existing data must also contain significant new data and establish new experimental or theoretical predictions of general interest. Papers that primarily expand previously published knowledge as a communication in JACS or elsewhere and that contain only experimental data with no very broad scope and no new knowledge or conceptual breakthroughs, are rejected.

The articles, which are mainly routine extensions of previously published related works, are also rejected with the recommendation on the transmission of manuscripts to specialized journals. JACS authors are encouraged to submit images that, at the time of submission of their revised manuscript, are considered for use on the cover or complementary envelopes of the journal. . . .