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Agreement To Indemnify Issue Of Duplicate Deposit Receipt Canara Bank

There is no risk of loss of fixed entry, as you can download your FD certificate at any time via Internet Banking. You can also redeem it and re-enter the maturity value into your savings account. With regard to the actions of a housing company, the rules change slightly. First, you can file a duplicate claim and a compensation commitment with your company. The latter is a contract in which you agree to highlight any loss that may occur when the original instrument is presented. „Because some people pledge originals as collateral to banks and then ask for duplicates, the company can ask you to give a commitment that you lost the originals to avoid fraud,“ says Gupta. You may be asked to bear the associated costs and some companies are even waiting to see you take full responsibility for this task. If there is no objection within a specified time frame, depending on the company, between 15 days and 1 month, you get your double certificates for a sum of 500-1,000 Rs. After reviewing your application for a dual issue of FD, the banker issues you a double fixed receipt certificate, which is considered equivalent to the original proof.

Text: Sakina Babwani, ET BureauImages: Getty ImagesWhat do you do if you lose an important document, be it the school registry newsletter, the deed of ownership or a bank deposit? It can be nightmarish because it can result in financial losses and, if it is an original document, be misused. Even the loss of seemingly insignificant documents such as school diplomas can be a dilemma. „Business staff can insist on these documents while checking your background. If you don`t have it, it can make it difficult for them to change jobs,“ says Aakanksha Joshi, Senior Partner, Economic Laws Practice. The problem gets worse when it comes to larger securities such as real estate or equities. While the originals cannot be reproduced, appropriate measures can be taken to prevent fraud, says Rajesh Gupta, partner, SN Gupta and Co.