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Altium Designer License Agreement

It is possible to free up a seat on a license used either in on-demand mode or roaming. For example, if you forget to free your seat at work, if you walk for the day, you can free it from your home computer and then use the open seat at home. The extent of your „authorization“ depends on whether or not you have admin rights on your licenses: to use a seat of an on-demand license available in this mode, click the license in the grid, then click the Roam link in the area below the grid. The Keep The License dialog box is displayed, where you can specify how many days and/or hours you want to travel with the seat. Whether you use an on-demand license and a stand-alone license, the Available Licenses section will automatically display the specific licenses at your disposal on the page. Select the license you want to use, then click on the corresponding command depending on how you want to use it. The Viewer license is a license associated with your AltiumLive account, which allows you to view Altium Designer without the need for a license. The Viewer license does not have an expiry date and the subscription date is set for the date of the licensing requirement. The Altium Designer Viewer license is linked to your AltiumLive account and therefore cannot be accessed via the dashboard. Altium Designer offers an optimized licensing system that allows you to make your Altium Designer software compatible and operational in a timely and efficient manner. The system offers different types of licenses to meet and meet your licensing requirements. These include on-demand licensing on the web. Web-based on-demand licensing management is closely integrated with customer accounts through the Altium portal and allows the use of a license on any computer, without the need to move license files or activate on any computer.

This offers an overall floating license capacity – within the geographic framework of your license and the conditions set out in the CLA – without having to implement your own server. Private license servers (or private server licenses, formerly known as „floating“) are common among companies that have multiple users who share licenses on the company`s network. they are easily shared by users. These private server licenses are ideal for a company that performs pcB design with Altium Designer on multiple computers. This type of license is usually the choice for companies that need to release licenses but cannot connect to the Altium license server on demand. To use a seat of an on-demand license available in this mode, just click on the license in the grid, then click on the Use link in the area below the grid as shown below.