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Bapi To Create Scheduling Agreement In Sap

Is there another FM I can use or should I do the BDC. I want to know the BAPI to create the classifications in me38. I use the `BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN` bapi. But when I abandon this BAPI, it gives me an instance agreement 5500000188 of the purchschedagreement object type has been modified and the delivery plan 5500000188 modified. But no classification is generated. Can you tell me what data I need to transmit to this BAPI and how I will transmit it to this BAPI? Can you provide me with a sample code with this BAPI, which is executed correctly and generates the classifications in me38? I haven`t done it myself yet for contracts or appointments, but a colleague has used it. Keywords: BAPI_SAG_CREATE, BAPI_CONRACT_CREATE, BAPI_SAG_CHANGE, 2013, 2014, BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE, MEOUTBADI, MEOUTOUT, MEMASSCONTRACT, MEMASSSA, BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN, 06 968, EXNUM, IMPORT DATA, FOREIGN TRADE, EIPO, EIKP, EKKO Scheduling Agreement, Scheduling Agreements, Error Message, Message meout019, meout019 scheduling, independent conditions, contract, schedule maintain, missing functionality, change, answer pleased supporte. Therefore, this type of delivery plans can not yes I used BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT after using bapi_schedule_maintain, but still no classification is generated. Can I insert my code here? Then you will understand.

BAPI for the establishment of a delivery plan. EXAMPLE. Here you will find the complete documentation of SAP fm „Delivery plans with time-independent conditions are not supported“ Agreements with time conditions…