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Central African Republic Peace Agreement

Omar Hilale (Morocco), Chairperson of the Central African Republic of the Peacebuilding Commission, also addressed Bangui, the capital, from 11 to 14 February. Meetings with the president, prime minister and other important interest groups confirmed their commitment to transparent, credible and inclusive elections scheduled for December, he said. There is, however, a shortfall of $US 20 million in the United Nations Development Programme`s (UNDP) estimated electoral costs of $US 41.8 million, he noted. During the visit, he observed a series of projects supported by the Peacebuilding Trust Fund that also promote other gains, he added. „The upcoming elections will mark a historic moment when peace in the country can be seized,“ provided funding is secured, he said. In this regard, MINUSCA is working with the government to ease tensions, with civil society, especially women and youth, playing a commendable role on this issue and raising awareness of the importance of voting, he said, adding: „Your thirst for peace deserves to be highlighted.“ With regard to the National Reconstruction and Peacebuilding Plan, he had reported significant successes, with strong support from the World Bank, MINUSCA and other partners. Among the latest achievements is the verdict handed down by the Special Criminal Court against members of armed groups for attacks on civilians and peacekeepers, he noted. The upcoming elections will mark a historic moment when peace can apply, provided funding is secured, he said, adding that MINUSCA also needs the necessary financial assistance to fully fulfill its mandate. He stressed the complexity of the follow-up mechanisms related to the political agreement and proposed simplifying the process. Unknown gunmen killed at least 12 people in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. Among them were worshippers and a pastor who had worked for peace with the local Muslims.

(02.05.2018) Au and the UN have not responded publicly to the opinion or action. Human rights groups are calling for those who violate the peace agreement – men, women and children shot dead in the street – to be brought to justice. Community leaders and rebel leaders from northern Central African Republic (CAR) are taking part in peace and reconciliation talks ahead of the December 27 presidential election on Tuesday, according to the UN mission in the country. Russia`s growing role in the automotive NÄRK has raised international concerns. Russia provides the government with military instructors and personal security, and a Russian, Valery Zakharov, serves as the president`s top security adviser….