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Cjcsi 2120.01 Acquisition And Cross-Servicing Agreements

CASA are bilateral agreements for the reciprocal reimbursable exchange of logistics support, supplies and services (LSSS). (ACSAs are sometimes referred to as MLSAs – Mutual Logistics Support Agreements). The DoD`s power to obtain logistical support without resorting to contractual trade procedures and to provide support outside of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). In accordance with the Statutes, the DoD (i.e. the relevant combat commander) may, after consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conclude agreements with NATO countries, NATO affiliates, other eligible countries, the United Nations and international regional organizations of which the United States is a member, for the reciprocal supply of LSSS. For section 2341 (acquisition only) or §2342 (cross-servicing) transactions by country, annual dollar exchange rates limit the number of transactions that can take place using this power. (This ceiling does not apply during armed hostilities and is lifted in the event of emergency intervention or non-combat). DoD FMR, Volume 11A, Chapter 8, paragraph 080205 describes the process for accounting for transactions to ensure that the cap is not exceeded//080205. Restrictions are set by the Joint Staff. Any organization that intends to make reimbursable purchases or sales under the authority of Sub-Chapter I of Chapter 138, Title 10, United States, . C, must apply for authorization. Applications must be accompanied by a statement of reasons, including a prioritisation of requirements.

Requests are forwarded to the relevant combatant team through the corresponding component team of the request organization. Authorizations do not increase the amount of expected or shared reimbursable authority, but allow the existing budgetary authority to be used for the conclusion of purchases or sales under the supervision of Chapter 138 under Chapter I, Chapter I, Title 10, United States.C. Applications shall mention the categories of support mentioned in Figures 8 to 1. (2) Acquisition Only Authority – 10 U.S.C§ 2341. This is a limited authority that allows the Department of Defense to acquire that host country`s LSSS for our deployed armed forces, if it has a defense alliance with the United States, authorizes the deployment of U.S. forces, the repositioning of U.S. equipment, or U.S. military exercises or operations in the country. The use of purely professional power does not presuppose the existence of a cross-service agreement or an implementation agreement. It requires either a formal and written agreement (i.e.

a one-time purchase agreement) or the use of a client (see below). (1) Cross-Service Agreements – 10 U.S.C. §2342 (full ACSA authority) as described above. The use of this power always requires a formal written agreement (i.e. an acquisition and cross-service agreement) and it is regulated by it. According to CJCSI 2120.01, Appendix A, paragraph 3.d.: „Purely professional authority may be implemented either through contracts relating to the power of 10 USC Chapter 137 (Federal Acquisition Acquisition Regulation (FAR) contracting in conjunction with 10 USC §2341) and §2343), or through international agreements (acquisition-only agreements), which rely exclusively on the authority of 10 USC § 2341) and §2343). . . .