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Siemens Service Level Agreement

Trust. This is one of the many advantages of a SIEMENs SIEPRO® Technical Service Agreement. With SIEPRO® you can plan ahead. You choose proactive services that reduce the risk of downtime and stabilize your operations and budget. It`s designed for you. With a SIEPRO service contract® you can create a flexible service plan tailored to your needs. You choose the level of service and service that best complements your existing equipment, processes and functionality. With the planned service, you have the confidence that the equipment will run as planned. Service contracts make the maintenance, optimization and modernization of industrial automation and propulsion techniques more efficient and efficient while reducing costs.

The comprehensive expertise of Siemens specialists, reduced downtime, predictable operating costs and reduced maintenance resources ensure the highest availability and productivity of all machines and facilities. Your SIEPRO® personalized agreement gives you: Flexibility is an essential part of our service philosophy. Our services can be grouped or used independently and independently of each other as part of a SIEPRO® custom technical service agreement. Customers who opt for our SIEPRO® TSA achieve efficiencies in the maintenance, optimization and modernization of their installation while reducing costs. And when you buy a SIEPRO® agreement, the different services are perfectly coordinated throughout the lifecycle and support the optimal use of machines, facilities and resources. Personalize a service solution specific to the needs of installation and budget Internet Explorer, Chrome Browser, Firefox Browser, Safari Browser What if you already knew if a computer was going to break down? You can then schedule maintenance work to avoid stops as short as possible. This is already possible today thanks to advances in digitization: thanks to continuous collection and intelligent analysis of process and operating data, you can predict the optimal time for the maintenance of machine and installation components. The analysis of this data also helps to increase the company`s energy transparency.

As an operator of machines and installations, you benefit from a significant increase in productivity and efficiency through our predictive services.