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Which Of The Following Is True Regarding Willy`s Agreement To Purchase The Car

Scheming`s friends. Willy wants to rent a basement in Weaver`s house. Willy threatens all of Weaver`s friends to say that he and Weaver were arrested for illegally smoking marijuana, unless Weaver rents him the apartment for $100 a month. Weber reluctantly agreed to rent the apartment to Willy for this amount. Willy also wants to buy Weaver`s car. Weber returns the mileage meter to the car before Willy tests it. Willy is impressed by the low mileage and agrees to buy the car. Finally, Weaver Willy offers a ring for Willy`s fiancée. Weber tells Willy that the ring is a diamond and thinks it`s true. But after the deal, a friend of Weaver`s tells him that the ring is a fake. When Willy arrives with the money, Weaver won`t say anything. He hands the ring to Willy and takes the money.

Later, Willy learns that the mileage meter had reversed by another friend whom Weaver trusted. Willy also learns from his girlfriend that the ring is fake. Which of the following applies to Willy`s agreement to buy the car? He will not be able to revoke the contract because there is no evidence that the mileage affected the car`s engine. He will not be able to revoke the contract unless he can prove that he specifically asked Weaver if the mileage ran upside down on the car and Weaver did not disclose that it was changed. . . . He will be able to revoke the contract because Weaver forced him.