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Voluntary Placement Agreement Maryland

Children may be placed under state guardianship if they are considered by the court to be a child in need, a child in need of supervision or an offender. Children may also benefit from placement through a voluntary placement agreement, under which a parent voluntarily places a child under state guardianship. A child may be placed in a family home (e.g.B. care or family care), a community residential facility (e.g. B an independent living program), a non-community housing facility (for example. B a detention centre or drug treatment programme) or hospital. To the extent that it is compatible with the best interests of the child placed outside the home, the local division shall consider the following tenure plans in descending order of priority: (ii) A child described in paragraph (i) of this paragraph may, under a voluntary accommodation agreement, remain in an out-of-home accommodation centre for more than 180 days if the child`s disability requires care or treatment. outside his home; and n Youth Court finding that the continuation of the internship is in the best interests of the child . .