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Why Was Namirembe Agreement Called So

He added: „I will maintain the peace, order and good government of the Ugandan protectorate and agree with all kinds of people in accordance with the said agreements, the Buganda Constitution, the laws and customs of Buganda and the laws of the Ugandan protectorate, without fear of favour, affection or ill will.“ Article 3 of the 1955 Buganda Constitution states: „The Kabaka shall continue to ascend the throne of Buganda by descent and election of the great Lukiiko. The name of the person chosen by the great Lukiiko must be submitted to His Majesty`s Government for approval, and no one may be recognized as Kabaka of Buganda whose election has not received the approval of His Majesty`s Government. “ 30. 10. He said: – „At this moment“ (i.e. November) „a position had been reached in which the Secretary of State had announced his political decisions, and the Kabaka had been asked not to face political decisions, especially on the issue of the timing of independence, whether this opposition was expressed by a public statement to the Lukiko or by a consultation with the Lukiko. before signing the commitments that the Kabaka had been invited to make. The Kabaka`s refusal to comply with the political decisions communicated to it at that time was clearly a disregard for its duty under the provisions of the Agreement to recognize and comply with the consultation of the Crown by the Government of the Protectorate recognized by the Agreement. It is clear that the Kabaka, having expressed its intention to pursue an unfair policy, clearly enjoyed the right of His Majesty`s Government to exercise the rights reserved in Article 20 of the Agreement and to declare the Agreement terminated […].